Jamie-Lukas Campbell BSc MIPP CMgr MCMI

Jamie-Lukas is an experienced public affairs and media professional based in the United Kingdom. Jamie-Lukas's research projects involve intersectionality throughout the military, Black Americans' social and political contributions (and issues pertaining to inclusivity and participation), and the rights of queer people.

Jamie-Lukas is interested in amplifying the voices of those traditionally excluded or marginalized, and is an active champion of pursuing and making research that is accessible and authentic.

Their work has been featured in Gotham Gazette and AlterNet

They have advised corporate, not-for-profit, political, and government leaders across the United States on communications/press, advance logistics, and executive experience. They served as a national advance lead on behalf of the Obama White House, the Democratic National Committee, the Office of Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton, and Hillary for America.

You can see some of Jamie-Lukas's television credits here (most recently as a researcher and key production assistant) on hit cable documentary and reality programs.

A certified mediator, Jamie-Lukas is determined to produce work that reflects empathy and thoughtfully impacts all stakeholders.

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